Live Air Traffic LAX Approach

Discover what pilots hear when they fly. Hear live air traffic from Listen to Los Angeles International Airport approach control, or
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KLAX Final Approach (North/South) Los Angeles California. May take a 5-15 seconds to buffer once you hit play. If link is down try this alternate stream.

SSA Channel

Discover the joy of soaring flight. The Soaring Society of America presents their Favorites playlist on youtube. Visit the SSA YouTube Channel here.

SSA Favorites Playlist

Why Soar?

Why Soar? (LightCMS)

Why Soar? (LightCMS)

The site tells the story of how a young girl became a pilot, and how it changed her life. Could it change yours?

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Wings Across America Website

Wings Across America

Wings Across America

” Wings across America is a digital multi-media project is a cutting-edge, digital, multi-media project, blazing a trail into the future of education, where digital information will explode into learning adventures, and where history will come alive through the colorful and unique eyewitness accounts of surviving Women Airforce Service Pilots –WASP of World War II, first women in history to fly America’s military aircraft.”

Mission: to educate, motivate, and inspire generations with the history of the pioneering WASP.

Visit Wings Across America

Flight Recorders

Soaring content pilots record their flights using special flight records. The flight information can be played back and viewed in special software for soaring  pilots called “See You”. The video was generated using the SeeYou software based on a flight recording in my DG-300. The speed is 200 times that of the actual flight. The darker the line of the flight track, the lower the altitude of the plane. You can see the climbs and descents based on the color.

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