What is the Skytouched Cloud Montage?

The  term “Skytouched” refers to those individuals who have been touched by the sky and forever changed, those whose home is the sky, those who are forever strangers to the ground.

The Skytouched montage project brings together loosely coupled and dispersed technologies to form a vibrant architectural design in cloud computing capable of extending the human experience. The montage consist of a variety of newmedia links  for representing the spaces of Discovery, Actuality, Privacy, Friendship, and Daydreaming.


Explore a Private Space

A Private Flight

A Private Flight

The Private Space feeds the spirit and reflects personal values. Come and see the wonder and the tragedy of the skytouched.


Explore Actuality of Being

Experience Flight

Actuality of Flight


Actuality-of-Being is where an individual’s subjective reality and self-view is formed; an experiential process of the physical realm of the senses, and the more abstract mental realms. Come share what we see as we soar through sky.

Explore Daydreaming Space

Dreams of Flight

Dreams of Flight


The Daydreaming Space stimulates your creativity and sense of vision.

Once I dreamed of touching the sky. Now I dream of touching the stars.

Explore Discovery Space

DG-300 Blueprint

Discovery Flight

A discovery space is where we craft and live the story of our exploration. Anywhere can be a discovery space, be it a laboratory, workplace, airfield, virtual world, or your own backyard.

Explore Friendship Space

Flight of Friends

Flight of Friends

An inspirational and invigorating space that feeds the social need of brothers and sisters in flight.

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